Computer Information & Project Specialists

Computer systems come and go, but it’s their data that makes or breaks your company.

DataScrapers’ ensures that your business data is secure, portable, and protected. We offer custom conversion, backup, recovery, accessibility, and auditing services – spanning various physical devices, networks, and operating system platforms.

From setting up a new office to relocating systems to a different building, DataScrapers manages projects with the performance and condition of your data as our top priority.

Industry proven expertise in Data Security and Conversion

Forensic Services

From every button pressed to each website visited, the computer is a real-time log of its user’s digital life. Data forensics refers to the study or investigation of digital data and how it is created and used.

DataScrapers provides both generic and specialized data services ranging from data recovery for business use to data analysis for legal proceedings.

Over 20 Years experience providing data services for the world’s largest and most prestigious employers.

System Repurpose, With a Purpose

Even in this day and age where computer systems seem to permeate every corner of our lives, there are school districts around the country without funding to provide their students with even the most basic computer facilities.

DataScrapers collects old or unwanted computer systems, thoroughly scrubs them of any previous data, and redistributes them to school districts and community groups in need. This tax deductible service allows contributors at both the corporate and private levels to invest in the future of our youth.

We offer complete computer data services spanning all platforms, languages, and devices

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Supported Operating Systems

● Microsoft Windows
● Apple Mac OS X
● Linux Distributions
● Chrome OS

Conditioning Services

● Preventative Maintenance
● Component Upgrades

Data Services

● Security/Encryption
● Backup/Recovery
● Platform Migrations (Directory Services/Operating Systems)
● Hosting Migrations (Cloud/On-Premises)
● Conversion to Different Formats

Logistical Services

● New Office System’s Installation
● Office System’s Relocation (Disconnect > Transport > Reconnect)
● Secure Data Destruction/Equipment Repurposing)

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